Psst! Hey kid... do you hear that noise? Like the sound of worms writhing in the guts of a dying opossum? Like velvety whispers from a drain pipe? Like the sodden pages of dirty magazines caught in barb wire fences?

That's the sounds of the HOBONOMICON coming to life!

All the drinking and spitting, the stabbing and bleeding, the rolling and scraping in the gravel and mud is over. The best ideas have proven themselves through gut punches and grit in the eyes of the lesser concepts.

Now is the time of pain and screeching sorcery. DOUG KOVACS is immersed in the broth of creation. Wielding hammer and tongs, he's giving physicality to the sins of art, and the heavy lifting that is layout and print design. Light a candle stub by the railroad tracks and pour one out in the gutter for him as he toils.

HOBONOMICON ISSUE #1 is planned to arise at Gary Con 2019. Gods help ye all.

Includes Art, Comics, Words, Thought Crimes and Game Mechanics by:
Doug Kovacs
Stefan Poag
Steve Gomez
James MacGeorge
Jarrett Crader
Wayne Snyder
Clea Bennett

The above images are work in progress and do not represent the final product.


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